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Having problems at bedtime, most people go to taking medication to fall asleep. Although this problem may be common, it can be chronic, and to realize how serious your sleeping problem is, if you already have several weeks without sleeping at all, most likely you have this condition.

You must know sleeping pills have different components each, and you must know everything related to the medicine you intend to try to fall asleep. When deciding on any of the sleeping pills, check its components and side effects.

According to studies, these types of strong uk sleeping pills are addictive. However, the body can quickly get used to it. When deciding to take such a medicine, if you buy it with or without a prescription, you must know that you should not take them for a long time, if not for a certain time.

Through an online pharmacy or in a physical pharmacy, you can buy sleeping pills without a prescription, or if you prefer, you can go to a doctor for an evaluation and make a recommendation.

Among the Sleeping Tablets, strong uk known without a prescription are:

  1. Diphenhydramine

Antihistamines are the main components of sleep medications that do not need a prescription to be purchased. This in particular, apart from controlling the problem of insomnia, also helps correct some types of allergies.

Like all medicines, it also has some side effects such as constipation, loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, and muscle weakness.

  1. Doxylamine

This is another medication that does not need a prescription so you can buy it. If you have trouble keeping your sleep, this medicine is the right one so you can sleep at the right times. Some of its side effects are dizziness, nausea, headache, and nervousness.

On the other hand, there are strong Sleeping Pills uk if they need a prescription to carry them, and some of the most popular are:

  1. Ramelteon

To fall asleep quickly, this medicine turns out to be the most indicated. While acting like a normal substance in the brain helps you sleep the required hours. Its side effects can be throat inflammation, tiredness, and fertility problems and decreased sexual desire.

  1. Doxepin

Although this medication is used mostly as an antidepressant, when taken in small amounts, it also serves to treat the problem of insomnia. Loss of sexual desire, blurred vision, fever, rash, and dry mouth, you can some of the side effects.


  1. Zolpidem

It is used only to treat Insomnia Helpers and acts by delaying brain activity to be able to fall asleep easily. Its side effects may be some such as gas, dizziness, nausea, heartburn and joint pain.

Some of these types of medications can cause dependence, so it is recommended not to take them for a long time, especially if it is by prescription, you must respect the stipulated time. If you decide to take them without a prescription, do not mix this type of pills with others that may cause drowsiness or other types of complications.

Find the medicine of your choice in sleeping pills UK:


Modafinil 200mg tablets

Pregabalin 300mg

Temazepam 10 mg

Tramadol 50 mg

Viagra 100 mg

Zolpidem (Ambien) 10mg

Zopiclone 7.5mg


Clonazepam 2 mg

Codeine Phosphate Tablets

Temazepam 20 mg


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